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Hello? Is it theatre you're looking for?

This time last year we were well into Wonderland rehearsals and gearing up to have a year packed full of live theatre! 2020 was about to be our biggest show year yet here in Prescott. Well, we all know how that turned out. After a very successful Wonderland run the world changed and theatre, everywhere, was halted. A good friend now refers to life as pre Wonderland and post Wonderland, we kind of love that and have said it as well. There was a good month of soul searching and wondering what our next move would be. No one knew what was going on, should we stay in, should we go out, should we wear masks, should we cry in a closet? (I did that, shhhh, maybe more than once.) Anyway, we decided theatre shouldn't die, let's go forth online! We were able to pull off our first virtual musical "The Show Must Go Online" with the help of Zoom and Facebook and it was a lot of fun.

After that, to be honest, I was tired and kind of lost. We had to cancel the rest of our 2020 season, the plans we had to keep improving the space at the church we were holding our shows at, our camps, classes and lessons all were stopped for the foreseeable future. I felt like we were just getting our name out there in Prescott with One Story Creations, and really helping the kids in the community to be able to express themselves freely through performing arts. I miss all of the kids faces, smiles, and talents, and seeing them on stage, working together and building their confidence to create something truly unique and special. It's been really sad to let that go for the past year. After lots of searching and thinking David and I decided to transition all of our camps, classes and lessons online through the Outschool Platform. We knew we couldn't be without our passions of teaching and bringing the performing arts to others so we had to adapt with the times. This happened around May 2020 and it completely changed our lives for the better.

Since moving to an online format we have taught over 1,000 kids from all over the world! I fill my days teaching voice, musical theatre and scene study to kids ages 5 and up and David has been very successful with one on one guitar, bass, and ukulele lessons. In such a time of uncertainty we feel we have found a way to still bring joy to kids through the performing arts. We have even had some local kids join in on the classes as well.

We are still going strong with our online classes and hope to see more familiar Prescott faces in those classes, or even one on one lessons through Zoom. Just ask if you're interested, it's really amazing how much you can accomplish through the internet. Haha, that makes me sound so old (Old person voice) "Look at this Zoom thing honey I can see my face and yours at the same time"

With all that being said, we are watching the changes of the world every day and are hoping to be able to create an outdoor in person summer show for 2021. We are still in the early planning stages, but if any parents or friends of One Story want to be involved please let me know. It will of course be done with social distancing and masks/face shields of whatever new face technology they might have when June rolls around. We will need to put our heads together and become super creative to make this happen.

Until then, please check out what we have to offer through Outschool, and keep in touch. We would love any updates from the One Story Creations kids.

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