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Singing For Our Dinner

Some might think “Let’s Take This Show On The Road” is a nice expression, a whimsical notion. Well, we, One Story, decided to make it our Truth. Now, we are no strangers to singing for our dinner. Living in a resort town for the past four years we have been able to get pretty well established as a musical duo getting to play our music at many local venues and even picking up a few residencies along the way. So when making the decision to become a full time RV family it was pretty easy to figure out how we would make the bulk of our income.

Although gigs can bring in a good amount of money we can never really know how much we might make from month to month. That is and has been scary at times, but all in all it has worked out. To supplement our income I do graphic design work when I can and David does recording sessions and guitar/bass lessons over Skype for a fee.. (YOU too can experience the teaching powers of Mr. Guitar for only $1/min!! contact:

So we have literally taken the show on the road and try to find gigs in each new place we visit. We are also actively teaching our little sons Alex and Els to sing and play guitar. Their current obsession is Hamilton: An American Musical! They absolutely love acting and singing and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Who knows, someday soon we might become a family band and get all of us singing and playing for our dinner! A mother can only dream :)

Babysitting can be a challenge when having to go out to bars/restaurants to play gigs. When we are in unfamiliar territory our plan is to look into to try and find a suitable sitter for our guys. If not, we will probably just leave them in the trunk of the car..they seem to like it in there ;) But seriously I will update more about childcare as time rolls on. For now, when we have outdoor gigs this guitar case works just fine.

So that’s it on this edition of life with One Story! A short but extremely sweet burst of love on how we are generating income on the road. We are always curious to hear what kinds of things other full-time RV’ers do for work, so please, let us know! Until next time always remember One Story Loves You :)

PS: here is a snippet of our little Alex practicing to sing for HIS dinner! This is King George from Hamilton...

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