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The Music Is Coming!!

We have been busy recording our new EP titled “The Center” It is a collection of uplifting positive songs that are sure to make you smile. These have been in the works for awhile and we are super excited to share them. All of these songs were inspired by our very awesome friend Linda Logan and her wisdom she shared with us from her time at the Spiritual Center in Big Bear Lake, CA. These will always be a reminder of the “good times” we had there Click to listen and we will update when you can get your hands on a hard copy! NEW MUSIC

In other news David and I have just joined Fiverr. A website where freelancers can offer their services to the masses. David is available to add bass to any musical project you may need and I am able to lend my awesome vocal skills. Check it out and share with your friends who might need these services. As a family who lives on the road we are always trying to maintain multiple forms of income to keep our family going and comfortable. Jenn and David on Fiverr

And last, but not least, I do landscape photography of places we have visited so far on our travels and sell them on Etsy. All photos are professionally mounted and ready to make your home a little more beautiful. Take a look: Jenn’s Photography

I must admit that this post is solely to promote to you about our various ways we make money. We thank you for following along with us and would love your support through our journey, even sharing our gigs or songs or photography with your friends would be amazing.

Until next time always remember One Story Loves You

My Boys (and me behind the lens)

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