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Adventures At Camp

As I lay here in bed, arms across my chest I think back on the crazy week I just had, then I think, "Oh yeah! Your blahg post!" So now that I've uncrossed my arms and started typing I can get to the fun and stress of what we call performing arts camp... dun dun dunnnnnn!!

"It's only five days," David says as we bundle up (at what is the butt crack of dawn for me, 8:30am) to get into the car for camp. Alex and Els are very excited and screaming the entire way to the camp. "Yay!" I think. "Fun!"

This winter camp we decided to do Peter Pan, and something really truly magical happened on the first day of camp, something I never thought possible with theater kids: not one child argued for the same part. We didn't even have to hold auditions. It was a miracle... I said, "Raise your hand if you want to be Peter Pan!" One kid did. "Raise your hand if you want to be Hook!" And one kid did. It went on like this until the entire show was cast and not one hand shot up twice. I thought, "yes, David, this might just be a nice five days at camp!" Little did I know five would turn into seven.

The next three days went on like usual. "No, stand here, you there." "Stop talking." "No running." "No, I'm sorry that's not your line." "Sing louder, speak louder." "I said stop running!!" And that was pretty much all before lunch. Of course,we did get some really good work accomplished and the kids hopefully retained some knowledge of stage directions and rules of the theater.

Things were rolling along, and we even had some awesome teenagers to fill in the bits and pieces on and off stage. I was thinking, "Yes, we can do this!"

Perhaps the most thrilling part for David and I was the fact that our sons Alex and Els actually wanted to take part in the show this time. They usually just run around, scream, and annoyingly hang all over us all day. Not this time! Alex played Micheal, the youngest boy, and Els played a pirate named Skylights. They both made our hearts melt with joy anytime sound came out of their faces. I'm pretty sure I made the kids do the scenes Alex and Els were in multiple times just so I could savor the cuteness. It was fantastic.

Now to The Cray. It started snowing the day before the performance. I thought, "Ok, this is fine. Nothing we Big Bearians cannot handle!" Of course this was the first dumping storm of 2017. Friday morning we wake up to FEET of snow and no power!! I thought I might be having déjà vu because the exact thing happened at winter camp 2016! It was official... we had to postpone the show and prolong camp. Usually on a Friday night after camp I would be kicking up my feet catching up on the latest episode of The Bachelor. But no. I worried all night. "What if all the kids can't make it?" "What if they forget everything we have taught them?" "What if it snows 20 more feet?!?!"

David, in his very David way, calmed me down and reassured me, reminding me that kids are sponges and amazing and parents will love it even if they poop up there. Right right, yes.

And of course he was right. Sunday we all came together again and put on a fantastic production of Peter Pan. No matter how I'm feeling all week about how the show might go, the kids always amaze me and put a giant smile on my face when they are up on that stage. The week might have been long but it was worth it. But I do think next time it might be fun to maybe keep a tally of how many times I need to yell, "Stop running!!!!!"

Now it's back to the good old One Story Music. We promised you an original tune and it's coming your way this Wednesday. Be on the lookout and remember, One Story Loves You.

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