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Betty White and Stuff.

We finally got Betty White back!! She was gone for two whole weeks. I'm really not understanding why she left in the first place..we give her a place to sit and feed her every two weeks or so. Oh well, she's back now and she will never escape us again! whahahahahahaha.

Just joking guys! This is our Betty:

She's so pretty and awesome. <3 <3 <3 was an interesting two weeks without her. We had a rental truck that got stuck in the driveway during the storm of the century. Had to get a six foot berm removed and three dudes to shovel under the rental to get it out. It was insane! After that we were able to escape the house after six days of isolation..I swear Alex was rocking in the corner at one point whispering "REDRUM"

So after our big escape we decided it would be a great time to head to the dentist, I mean why not? It was Els first time and he passed with perfect teeth and a happy smile. Alex was not so lucky :( For some reason his teeth have that special kind of bacteria that make them rot easily. Even though he has a great diet and brushes most days ...yeah, I said most days...he was blessed with the bad bac and he must have surgery and go under to get a few baby crowns and fillings. As his mama I am a bit nervous about this. So if you're reading this, all three of you I think, please send some love and light. Thanks!

In other news Alex and Els have almost memorized the entire score to Hamilton. To be honest I'm not sure how many more times I can hear "dun dun dun....1776..dun dun dun...New York City" But just in case you can't get enough here's Els doing his thing:

One more thing. We got super inspired after watching the Minimalism Documentary on Netflix to start getting rid of our unnecessary stuff. All the stuff that just sits, collects dust, has no use for the past three years, smells funny, looks strange, has holes, too big, too small, and just makes you feel blah..and guess what?! Other people want to buy your old stuff. It's been so exciting shedding the old in exchange for the green. I don't think we will ever get to the point of one chair, a bed, and a toothbrush only to survive but we might just lighten our load enough to feel a bit more freeeee and go on a stuff shopping spreeeeee!! Weeeeeeeee! hahhaha Just kidding ;)

Well that's all for now. We've got a lot of work to do this week on our upcoming album The Center. We should have some fun videos from the studio for you next week! Have and beautiful week and remember One Story Loves You.

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