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Seize The Day, Always

A few months back David and I went to see the musical Newsies. I have been a super fan (or Fansie) of Newsies ever since good old Christian Bale was stomping around fake New York in 1992. I couldn't imagine my childhood without the incredibly epic songs of Newsies.

Here are our cute faces getting ready to enjoy the show:

Naturally when I saw that Newsies was going to bring the musical to the movie theater I had to grab tickets for all of us so the boys could fall in love just like their mama. I really secretly want them to become Newsies when they grow up, or at least crazy awesome dancing, singing machines :) To mine and David's wonderful surprise they were absolutely enthralled, especially with the dance numbers, and during the 15 minute intermission got up and began showing the rest of the theater their amazing dance moves. It was a proud parent performer moment. The best part was they made people happy, and for one special moment in time all Fansies came together united as one. I wasn't able to get any video of the actual dance break, but maybe this reenactment will suffice.

One of the greatest things about the movie was the mother looking for her son belting out the most intense solo of all time. Now you think I'm joking? No No you must understand this was the best part of that entire song "Carrying the Banner" And they CUT IT from the musical. I couldn't even believe it. Well, the boys and I are working on a special video to reenact this very special scene in the movie. I will post as soon as the editing is complete.

Another amazing song from Newsies is "Seize The Day" We especially like this one cause it reminds us what we are doing here on this beautiful planet everyday. David and I teach love and kindness above all else and setting goals to make your dreams come true. Whether the boys want to become doctors or professional Parkour-ists they first need to set their goals and work hard to get there. Along with love and kindness nothing can get in your way. Recently our little family has decided to make a major life change. This is something we have been thinking about for many years and 2017 just happens to be the time to make it happen! For now I'm going to keep you all in suspense but stick with us cause we will be making this very big announcement sooooon!

Have a beautiful day friends and remember to always Seize the Day!

One Story Loves You :)

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