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Storm of the Century

It's true! if you don't believe me here is a little side by side action for you...

The week didn't start off too great either for our dear car miss Betty White. We have a beautiful 1988 Toyota land cruiser who is an absolute champ in the snow and protects us from everything with her tank like structure. Well she got sick and her front tires stopped turning left and right. We had to get her towed in a snowstorm to the mechanic and found out her ball and socket joints exploded...kinda like the shoulders of a car. This all happened on the actual Betty Whites birthday, a little strange if you ask me... Luckily we have the two most amazing sets of parents and they were able to help us rent a car and with the repair for Betty. Thank you parents!! We are forever grateful to you all :)

The storm has been in town now for five days and if it doesn't stop soon our amazing views from our back deck will be gone forever! Well, maybe not forever, but at least until August. I really don't think I've ever seen this much snow. We can only hope it all runs into our lake and we defeat the horrible drought that has been happening for years. For now we are stuck inside with our kids and music to make us happy. We finally got to some recording last night. It was so inspiring and exciting. We are making an EP called The Center with six songs that we have written over the past year specifically for the Bear Valley Center for Spiritual Enrichment. It is a wonderful place that teaches love. Last night we mapped out each song and tracked guitar and bass. Today comes the vocals! I'm sitting here as I type warming up the old vocal chords to get that perfect take. We are hoping to have this ready and in your hands by the end of March. But here's a little sneak listen of our song called "Believe"

That's all for now friends. You can always like us on Facebook to keep up with the daily OS news. Stay safe and warm out there and remember One Story Loves You.

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