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Exercising All The Things

How's it going?

Are you keeping up with your New Day's resolutions?

I've been doing pretty well with it, and it's very pleasing. Sure, I've done less than I set out to do on some days, but I don't feel bad about it. We must be able to forgive ourselves so that we can love ourselves, right? And if we love ourselves first, it's much easier to love others.

In any case, lots of good music and cooking lately in the one story house... played some gigs, recorded a few excellent videos, and are actively planning our album recordings. And I've even started exercising! Not looking to get all swole over here... just trying to get my heart in a healthier state and maybe lose a bit o' girth.

Speaking of exercising, I recently got to exercise my musical ear by learning "That Would Be Enough" from "Hamilton." Such a beautiful song... and a beautiful performance by one of the best singers on this planet, Jennifer Gail! Learning songs from musicals is a fantastic way to keep your chops up, fellow musicians. I'm looking forward to learning the next one! What's it gonna be, Jenn?


Wow! One of the best singers on the planet?!? That's a big statement there :) But hey, I'll take it! Thanks love. I have so enjoyed making the first couple of weeks of 2017 mostly about music. I have to admit that Hamilton is a new obsession for our family. Even though it came out a while ago we seem to be just discovering all of it's magical magic. So I'm sure you'll be hearing a few more covers or fun outings to the soundtrack of Hamilton. Coming up next will be our very new original song called "You're The One (Until You're Not)" I'm excited about this one! It has a very poppy Sara Bareilles feel to it. Be on the lookout for that coming later this week. For now please enjoy a little musical theater.

Have a beautiful week and remember One Story Loves You!

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